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Course outline: The course introduces the basic elements and principles of two and three dimensional design. The visual contrast and elements, along with the quality of line, shape, colour, composition, structure and proportion, will be explored through a variety of applied exercises. An examination of examples from design and art history, the built and natural environment will be investigated as it applies to one’s own work. Through group work, research, discussion, critical thinking and two dimensional design projects, students will develop techniques which will allow them to use and manipulate design elements in order to realize specific design goals, solve problems, find solutions, and communicate ideas effectively.

Here we are: half of our ceramics class mixed with half of the blacksmiths. They are a happy bunch of mostly young guys (and 2 girls) with many good ideas and although some of them are a bit shy, as the week progresses we get to know them and their thinking pattern better. Lucky for me I am in a group that is into sharing ideas and discussing different opinions. Our teacher Stephen Hogbin (author of “Appearance & Reality”) is a quiet man who only speaks when it is needed and we have to really listen if he talks because he has interesting things to say, but the noise around us is quite loud (still construction) and sometimes his words get lost.
The outcome of our design course is amazing and we are all happy with the amount of work we accomplished.

We have design in the mornings and have drawing in the afternoon which is a good thing because I honestly don’t think I could design or draw all day. Very intense, both of the classes but in a different way.