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Course outline: Introducing the basic techniques and methods of drawing, this course develops skills that are of critical importance in all aspects of the production of art. Through an exploration and application of the elements of design (line, space, texture, form and colour), composition, and using a variety of media and surfaces, students will examine the technical and aesthetic qualities of drawing two and three dimensional forms. Skills will be developed through the study of a range of subjects ( e.g. still life, life drawing, architecture, plant, natural forms and manufactured objects).

This starts as a disaster. Drawing is not one of my strong sides and that becomes very obvious when we have to draw boxes. They are setup on a table we all sit around it in a wide circle and sketch the boxes. Oh my god, this is bad. And there is NOTHING I can do about it. Next day we go outside and draw the school. I feel lost from the beginning of class until the end and have nothing decent on paper. The week continues and we draw plants, trees, sculpture, pots, gates, rocks and for 2 days we have life drawing.
The only 2 good things about this class is 1. our teacher Roger Kerslake who is a lot of fun and who doesn’t really mind if it looks like something as long as you are following the rules and direction he sends you in and try it. 2. We actually do learn a lot, it just doesn’t necessarily shows on paper. Roger realizes too that he cannot teach someone to draw in 2 weeks. He is teaching us lots of interesting tricks and he gets us to try lots of different media, but some us were doomed from the beginning. We do have some stars in the class. The blacksmiths are definitely much better at this than the potters. MUCH better.
Thank god it is over after 2 weeks. Roger will teach us throwing IV and I am looking forward to that, but this drawing…..

It was a good class to have, but you know how it feels when you are very bad at something. You want it to end. Quickly.

Poor, poor blacksmiths, they have 2 more weeks of this. (with a different teacher)
We all feel sorry but happily get ready for our first throwing class.